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Court Street Academy

Traditional Education in a Christian Values Setting

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Community Outreach
Community Outreach



A Community Outreach Club at Court Street Academy was started in 2007 by parent volunteers to give students an opportunity to participate in Christian outreach projects.In its first few years of operation, the club met with Barbara Kersey Steinhauer, Outreach Sponsor, every other Friday afternoon throughout the school year.


Beginning in 2010, Community Outreach became a school-wide part of the curriculum.  For this school year, we are continuing a program called CHARACTER COUNTS as a guide for our Outreach activities for the school year. You may read more about this program at We will incorporate Outreach activities for each grading period that focus on one of the Six PiIlars of Character. Our outline for the year is as follows:



1st grading period:RESPONSIBILITY. Be accountable for your words and actions. Be pro-active and hard-working in your community.  Activity:  Trick or Treat for UNICEF. 


2nd grading period: CARING. Be kind, compassionate, charitable and grateful. Activities: Bring a veteran to school day, Operation Christmas Child boxes, Letters to Santa for Make-A-Wish Foundation.



3rd grading period: FAIRNESS. Treat all people equitably. Play by the rules. Pursue justice.



4th grading period: TRUSTWORTHINESSBuild trust with integrity, honesty and loyalty. 



5th grading period: RESPECT.Honor the worth and dignity of all individuals. Act civilly, peaceable, and non-violently. Be tolerant of differences.  Activity:  Earth Day



6th grading period: CITIZENSHIP. Doyour share to improve your community. Volunteer and participate in community endeavors. Activity: Portsmouth's Memorial Day Parade and Court Street Carnival.



At the beginning of each grading period, the Character Counts theme will be introduced along with related activities. Teachers will facilitate age appropriate activities in the classroom that support the character theme being emphasized. The CSA Citizenship Awards will be given to the child at each grade level who best demonstrates the character attributes highlighted for that grading period. Families are encouraged to participate together in schoolwide opportunities for community outreach.



By working together, we offer all Court Street Academy students the opportunity to participate in responsible action to benefit the local, regional, national and global communities. Such responsible action will also build character skills for our students. We consider it our mission to teach students that "doing God's work in the world" is indeed a shared responsibility.