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Court Street Academy

Traditional Education in a Christian Values Setting

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About Us
Court Street Academy offers a well-rounded program for students at the beginning levels of education within an atmosphere of close supervision. The school strives for academic excellence with a strong emphasis on the mastery of basic academic skills and character. High standards of conduct, respect for others and property, and an orderly environment conducive to learning are the basic ideals upon which the school operates.

The curriculum consists of a traditional variety of subjects at each grade level with a primary emphasis upon basic reading and math skills. Students receive report cards six times throughout the year with letter grades given for academic subjects in grades 1 through 8 and progress reports for preschool and kindergarten. Teachers are  chosen because of competency, motivation, and training.  Textbook selection, standardized tests, and self-directed standards by principal and teachers insure high quality instruction and character training. Textbooks used are prepared by a variety of approved school textbook companies for use in American schools.  Standardized tests are given once each year in the spring. Students in kindergarten (age 5) through the 8th grade take achievement tests. Most students at Court Street Academy score beyond grade level on standardized tests. Students who perform well in this school continue to do well at other private and public schools in which they enroll upon leaving. 

Kindergarten through second grades are self-contained classes. Third and fourth grades are taught by a team of teachers. Grades 5, 6, 7, and 8 are departmentalized with separate daily class periods in language arts, math, science, and social studies.

The school library and downtown public library are used by students as directed by their teachers.

Choral music is taught to each class once a week during the months of November, December, April and May. Band instruction is also available.

Basketball, soccer, and cheer teams compete in area private school leagues.

A school yearbook is prepared each year by a student committee and faculty sponsor and published by Josten's Publishing Company.

Each class uses the school playground daily. Also, grades 5 through 8 go to the Churchland YMCA once a week for physical education.