2019-2020 Supply Lists


Ms. Theresa Harrell,Teacher

 Kinder mat for rest time

 Pillow and blanket (stuffed animal for cuddling)

 1 change of clothes,( including underwear and socks, pants, shorts, and shirt, placed in a large Ziploc storage bag marked with their name)

 1 folder with pickets and 3 hole tabs

 3 glue sticks

 4 boxes of tissues

 1 box of band-aids

 4 containers of Disinfecting Wipes (like Clorox)

 2 baby wipes (for painting fingers)

 1 hand sanitize (pump style)

 1 plastic crate marked with your child's name

 2 boxes of plastic spoons

 1 box of sandwich bags (Ziploc)

 1 box of quart size bags (Ziploc)

 3 rolls of paper towels

 1 composition notebook

Items  to be brought first day of school:

 Back Pack

 Insulated lunchbox with lunch and beverage (there will be a sign-up for class snack) If your child will be attending after school care, please pack an extra snack and drink.

Pre- K4

Mrs. Susan McDonald

 Plastic tri-fold Mat for resting (marked with your child's name)

 Small travel pillow and small blanket (marked with your child's name)

 Change of  clothes, (including underwear and socks, placed in a large Ziploc storage bag marked with your child's name)

 1 photo of your child for our "Jesus Loves Me" board!

 2 plastic folders with pickets (any color, each marked with your child's name)

 1 pack of magic markers (Basic colors)

 1 pack of dry erase markers ( any color, to practice on writing boards)

 1 pack of glue sticks

 1 box of band-aids (cartoon characters or designs are encouraged)

 1 box of forks

 2 boxes of tissues

 1 roll of paper towels

 1 bottle of hand sanitizer

 2 packs of baby wipes

 2 large containers of Clorox or other Disinfecting Wipes

Items to be brought first day of school

 Book bag or backpack marked with your child's name

 Insulated lunch box (marked with your child's name) with snack, lunch and beverages (if your child will be attending after school care, please pack an extra snack and drink)

Items to be kept at home to be used for homework

 1 pack of alphabet flash cards (upper and lowercase)

 1 pack of number flashcards


Mrs. Jackie O'Neal

 Insulated lunch box for snack, lunch, and beverage

 1 large book bag or back pack (no rolling bags please)

 1 canvas pencil pouch for binder with window

 1 plastic pencil box

 1 box of band-aids

 2 boxes of Kleenex

 3 rolls of paper towels

 1 pack of baby wipes

 3 jumbo glue sticks or 6 small sticks

 2 boxes of 24 ct crayons

 1 Crayola water color paint set

 1 box of color pencils

 1 pack of #2 pencils

 1-inch study binder with inside pockets

 Mat for resting (tri-fold only please) no yoga or exercise mats

 1 small blanket

 3 large Clorox Wipes

 1 box of Crayola markers

 1 gallon Ziploc bags-boys

 1 box of sandwich Ziploc bags-girls

 1 box of plastic spoons

 1 large pump hand sanitizer

 2 packs of 3x5 index cards

Grade 1

Ms. Kathy Jeffries

 Pencils, pencil box, erasers

 1 set of colored pencils

 1 24-ct box crayons

 1 water color paint set

 6 glue sticks

 1 small blunt end scissors

 4 bottom pocket folders (durable)

 2 marble composition notebooks

 1 1-inch binder

 1 clipboard

 2 boxes of Kleenex

 1 box of Ziploc bags

 1 box of spoons

 3 containers of Clorox Wipes

 1 pack of baby wipes

 2 packs of paper towels

 1 box of band-aids

  Insulated lunch box/bag (Thermos for hot items)


 Portsmouth Public Library card

 1 Zippered pencil pouch (3 hole)

Grade 2

Mrs. Dianne Brown

 1 binder to hold paper

 1 package of loose leaf paper

 Pencils and pencil box

 1 clipboard

 2 plastic pocket folders-usually Mead or 5 Star (please get the plastic ones wit the pocket on the bottom, not the side, and the kind with three metal clips in the middle)

 1 box of tissues, the larger size please

 Portsmouth Public Library Card

 No hand sanitizer-teacher allergies

 No perfumes or colognes- allergies


Optional: (because we have these in class)

 Glue or glue sticks

 Small pencil sharpener



 12 " ruler



Grade 3

Mrs. Jane Rice and Mrs. Kathy Goodwin

 Loose leaf paper- wide ruled- 4 packs

 3 boxes of tissue

 Pencil Box

 #2 pencils- 4 boxes of 12 (good quality please)

 Good eraser

 4 Clorox Wipes

 2 packages of hand wipes or baby wipes

 1 ruler (12 in. with metric markings)

 Colored Markers washable

 3 rolls of paper towels

 Crayons (at least 16)


 4 glue sticks

 2 pocket folders

 1 composition notebook

 1 package of construction paper

 1 Clipboard

 Portsmouth Public Library Card

Grade 4

Mrs. Kimberly Koch

 Eraser (1)

 #2 Pencils sharpened with Erasers, 24 pack NO MECHANICAL PENCILS (1)

 Blue or Black Pens, 10 pack (1)

 Zipper Pencil Pouch (1)

 Composition Notebook (6)

 Colored Pencils, 24 count or crayons (2)

 Glue Sticks (3)

 Scissors (1)

 Pocket folders, plastic (2)

 1" 3 ring binder (1)

 Dry eraser markers, low odor, thin/fine tip, black (2)

 Highlighters non gel  (3)

 Package(s) of loose leaf/Filler paper, wide Ruled (1)

 Packages(s) of Index Cards, 3x5 ruled (1)

 Page Protectors, Pack of 50 clear (1)

 Tab Page dividers 3-5 (1)

 Pencil Sharpener, Hand Held with Container for shavings (1)

 Ear buds or headphones(1)

 Pocket Folders, with Prongs for PE (1)

 Box(es) of Ziploc brand Storage bags, Gallon Size (girls)* (2)

 Box(es) of Ziploc brand Storage bags, Quart Size (boys)* (2)

 Box(es) of Facial Tissues * (2)

 Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, Canister(s) *(2)

 Brown Paper Grocery Bags *(5)

*These items are not required but will be accepted

Grade 5

 Mrs. Teri Swanson

 Loose Leaf paper-wide ruled 3 packs

 4 boxes of tissue

 #2 pencils (3 boxes) good quality please (no mechanical)

 3 containers of Clorox Wipes

 2 packages of baby wipes

  4 rolls of paper towels

 1 12-inch ruler (also metric measure)

 Colored pencils (12 or more colors)

 Crayons- at least 24 colors

 Scissors-not small-but age appropriate

 1 bottle of glue

 1 clipboard

 2 highlighters

 Portsmouth Public Library Card

 Overshirt for Art

 2-1 subject spiral notebooks

*Do not need 3 ring binder

Homeroom Grade 6

Mr. Derwood Rountree

Science/History Grades 6-8

 1 three ring binder

 Loose leaf paper- college ruled

 2 sharpened #2 pencils

 1 each black, blue and red pen


 Long Sleeve Shirt as "Lab Coat"

 Safety Goggle

 1 roll Paper towels

Specific supplies to be stored in classroom for needs through the year:

 All items can be found at the dollar store (except maybe shirt). Please mark specifically for science and bring it to the science room.

6th Graders: 1 box tissues each

7th Graders: 1 tub disinfectant wipes each

8th Graders: 1 bottle hand sanitizer each

Homeroom Grade 7

Mr. Chuck Swanson

Math Grades 6-8

 1 package #2 pencils

 2 packages wide rule lined paper

 1 (2) subject spiral notebooks

 1 (1) subject notebook




 Black or Blue Pen

 2 boxes of tissue


 1 container Clorox Wipes

 1 package of baby wipes

 2 packages of copy paper

Homeroom Grade 8

Mrs. Martha Pantelides

English Grades 6-8

 12 #2 Pencils

 2 packs of wide rule (not college rule) loose leaf paper

 1 three ring binder

 1 composition notebook-writing

 2 one-subject spiral notebooks (grammar, literature)

 2 erasers 

 Black pens

 2 boxes of tissues-homeroom teacher

 1 highlighter

 2 containers of wipes

 1 roll paper towels

 1 bottle of hand sanitizer

 Athletic wear for YMCA program (see handbook)







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